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Being a hockey fan is loyalty. Being a hockey fan is passion. Being a hockey fan is the joy of the win and the heartbreak of the loss. But most of all, being a hockey fan is giving yourself to the game and the game giving its best back to you.

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Little Peekaboo as we like to call him

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i love how girls can be like hey can i grab your boob and the other girl is like sure no problem but a guy will fist bump another guy and have to say no homo ten times before he can relax again

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If 1 in 10 teens are gay, then statistically, there are two gays in each of my classes… I’m one, so where’s the other one? Come out come out wherever you are ya little shit

im not sure if that last line is a pun or not

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"Her silence says everything she needed to say."

—jenn satsune (via ohsatsune)
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Haha sorry DC. Marvel kicks your ass every time

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